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What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

Our plant is running better than ever. Thanks to Dewayne and his outside services, we have saved a lot of money for allowing Dewayne to trouble shoot our problems. WE wouldn’t call on another as Dewayne is the most honest person.

Thanks H&H Hydraulics for providing a professional service technician to address our plant issues and get us up and running again! 


At H&H Hydraulics, we have combined 100 + years of hydraulic experience.

Our company is focused on being a partner for your company. While we do projects, we prefer partners.

We spend our time on building our relationships with all of our customers.

My cylinder has never ran better. Others repaired it before, but could never get it right. Dewayne has now fixed it and gave it a longer run life than ever before.


Operating hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m to 3:30 p.m est.

Our team of professionals are available after hours if an emergency situation arises

423-332-7800  or Dewayne 423-653-6016

Before our cylinders and pumps were fixed permanently by Dewayne and his staff, we changed out items every couple of weeks. We now change them out every 3 years. Any ideas we have, Dewayne can turn them into working items. He has great knowledge and an understanding of what our plant needs.


H&H Hydraulics will always provide you with the highest quality of service at a price that will fit your budget. We will provide a formal quote on all repairs for approval before proceeding with repair.

We were running through 12 cylinders a month before doing business with Dewayne. We're lucky to run through only 6 a year now. Thank you Dewayne for saving money for our company and time for our Maintenance Men.

Our cylinders and Balers are performing better than new. We never feel like we are “in line”. Dewayne always jumps to our repairs to insure we have minimal downtime. Thank you Dewayne and your staff for the best service.

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